Credit cards can make you overspend. Prevent it!

conceptual psychology and personal finance

The credit card problem Social science findings consistently show that people tend to spend more when using credit cards compared to cash. Therefore, it’s a reasonable statement to say credit […]

Happy Money Debt Consolidation Loan Review

Debt Consolidation with Happy Money

Happy Money offers debt consolidation loans from $5000 to $40,000.  They call it “The Payoff Loan”.  That’s a clever bit of marketing. In this video I’m going to tell you […]

How to use a credit card

Credit Cards - Pulling a credit card out of wallet for shopping, spending, purchasing, credit rating

How to use a credit card  Using a credit card is easy. You just go to the store, find what you want, take it to the register and then swipe […]

Complete Guide to Buying a Used Car

Car Inspection Before Buy

Buying a car is one of the largest purchases that people will make. It is also an important one because you will be using your car on a daily basis […]

How DEBT CONSOLIDATION can help your credit score?

Here's how Debt Consolidation can actually help your credit score

About this video Debt consolidation loans combine multiple debts into a single loan, simplifying payments and often reducing interest rates. This helps borrowers manage debts more efficiently and potentially save […]

Should I take a SoFi personal loan?

Should I take a Sofi Personal Loan

About this video A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for a variety of purposes: vacations, medical bills, weddings, emergencies, unexpected expenses, home repairs, car repairs, […]

5 things that can blow up your credit score

5 things that can blow up your credit score

About this video Credit scores and credit reports are complicated. So, it’s not a surprise that a lot of misunderstanding swirls around them. Sometimes that misunderstanding can actually hurt your […]

Should you get a high-yield savings account?

Should you get a high-yield savings account?

About this video The savings rate on high interest (or high-yield) savings accounts can sometimes be 20 times the rate of a traditional savings account. But why don’t any of […]

How to keep your savings from EVAPORATING!

How to keep your savings from evaporating

About the video Some people call them high-yield savings accounts while others call them high-interest savings accounts. High-yield savings accounts are a powerful financial tool that combines the liquidity of […]

Find a high-yield savings account in under 5 minutes

FInd a High yield savings account in under 5 minutes!

About this Video Find the right savings, checking, CD, Account for you:… If you don’t have a high-yield savings account, then can I ask, “What’s wrong with you?” Sure […]

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