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Credit scores and credit reports are complicated. So, it’s not a surprise that a lot of misunderstanding swirls around them. Sometimes that misunderstanding can actually hurt your credit score. It can keep you from making progress or get you to focus on the wrong thing. Some of the most common things people misunderstand is the affect of hard inquiries on your credit score, how much utilization affects your credit score, what length of credit history means, what to do with unused credit cards, and where the credit scores are actually generated.

Topics in this video

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00:23 – Can I remove hard inquiries from my credit report?

00:43 – What is new credit on my credit report?

01:07 – How much does credit utilization affect my credit score?

01:28 – What is the amount of debt on my credit report?

01:44 – What is length of credit history on my credit report?

02:15 – Do unused credit cards hurt your credit score?

02:33 – Who generates the credit score?

03:16 – What is credit mix on my credit report?

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