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When you need money, it’s tempting to accept any loan that a lender will offer. But, is it a good idea to take a title loan? How do title loans work? What are the pitfalls of title loans? Are there good alternatives?

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Title loan topics in this video

00:00 – Introduction: Title Loans

00:11 – What is a title loan?

00:41 – What do you need in order to get a title loan?

01:19 – How much can you borrow with a title loan?

01:46 – When will I get the details of the terms of my title loan?

02:30 – What happens if I default on a title loan?

03:03 – How much do title loans cost?

03:29 – What is a finance charge on a title loan?

04:20 – What is the APR of a title loan?

04:58 – What fees do title loan companies charge?

05:43 – How do I know if a title loan company is legit?

06:33 – What are the disadvantages of a title loan?

06:58 – Are title loans a bad idea?

07:57 – What are some alternatives to title loans?

09:21 – Conclusion: Title loans

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