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How many credit cards should you have? Is there a right answer? The data shows that if you are trying to build, maintain, or repair your credit score, the ideal number of credit cards you should have on your credit report is three. This video explains why you want three credit cards, which type of credit cards you should have, and what the best way to use those credit cards is if you are trying to improve your credit score.

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00:00 – Introduction

00:11 – How many credit cards should I have?

00:31 – How many credit cards does the average person have?

01:04 – How many credit cards should I have for good credit?

01:37 – What is the benefit of having multiple credit cards?

02:10 – Why do I have to use the credit card if I want it to improve my credit score?

02:46 – Is it bad to have credit cards with zero balances?

03:30 – Why is 3 the right number of credit cards?

04:05 – What is the best way to use credit cards to build a good credit score?

04:43 – Is having 3 credit cards too many?

05:22 – Can I have two of the same credit card?

05:58 – Are gas or store cards the same as credit cards?

06:45 – Why are retail cards considered different than other credit cards?

07:26 – Is a secured credit card a good idea?

08:15 – Will getting the credit cards hurt my credit score?

08:58 – Conclusion

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