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Erika Wasserman

Your Financial Therapist

Erika Wasserman is a renowned Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I™ with expertise in transforming employees’ money mindset.
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Erika Wasserman

Erika Wasserman, CEO of Your Financial Therapist, founded in 2019, is a renowned Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I™. With expertise in transforming employees’ money mindset, she empowers companies of all sizes, and cited in numerous top publications:The New York Times, Yahoo! Money, Boston Globe, and Times.

With the lack of tools to create financial conversations, Erika created Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! Conversation Cards feature 50 thought-provoking questions in a game format. Holding a BBA from the University of Florida and a Certificate in Financial Therapy from Kansas State University, Erika combines finance knowledge with a passion for helping others.

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