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Deidre Van Nest

Speaking & Storytelling Coach

Deirdre Van Nest delivers high-energy keynotes that give the tools they need to accelerate trust, bring in business, and impact more lives.
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Financial Instructor

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Deidre Van Nest

A top-rated keynote speaker in finance, sales, and communication, Deirdre Van Nest delivers high-energy keynotes that give audiences the practical tools they need to accelerate trust, bring in business faster, and impact more lives.

Audiences love her from-the-trenches stories and actionable strategies they can immediately implement. Organizations hire (and 93% rehire) Deirdre because she delivers practical skills audiences can immediately leverage for instant business value.

As an entrepreneur, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, and author, Deirdre has over 16 years of “in the trenches” speaking experience and walks her talk. She has personally used public speaking to generate millions of dollars of business for her company, Crazy Good Talks. She’s brought this expertise to companies such as LPL, RBC, Allianz, Investment News, Lincoln Financial Group, Ameritas, Equitable, Raymond James, Thrivent, Guardian, Carson Group, Northwestern Mutual, The American College, FPA, The Visionary Forum & many more.

If your group’s business success depends on building relationships & building trust quickly—you should hire Deirdre to speak.

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