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Brandy Baxter

Financial Futurist

Dr. Brandy Baxter is the Owner of Envision 30, where she trains financial professionals to help their clients think from the future.
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Brandy Baxter

Brandy is the Owner of Envision30, a coaching and consulting firm where she teaches clients to think from the future.
Brandy is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and has a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in Foresight.
Brandy is a United States Air Force veteran and the spouse of an Air Force veteran.
Brandy is a recipient of the Governor’s Volunteer Award, a member of the Association of Financial Counseling Planning and Education (AFCPE®) Board of Directors, the Global Women’s Ministry Director at her Church, and the Vice President for her city’s Housing Board.
Brandy dances in the space where faith, finances, and foresight meet. She supports her clients by applying faith-infused strategies to financial and leadership scenarios that lead to greater goal attainment.

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