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Diversity and Inclusion: Empathy or Sympathy?

Learn how empathy and compassion can enhance diversity and inclusion and how to implement a model for employing empathy in your workplace.
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Michael Thomas

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Dr. Michael Thomas uses the platform of empathy and compassion to illustrate how diversity and inclusion efforts are most effective from a place of empathy – not sympathy. During this talk, Dr. Thomas unpacks the differences between empathy and sympathy, the effects on diversity and inclusion based on these lenses, and how to utilize empathy in your diversity and inclusion efforts effectively. At the end of this session, you will clearly understand why an empathetic approach is better than a sympathetic approach and a model for employing empathy in your workplace. 

Learning Objectives:

After completing this webinar, financial professionals will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between sympathy and empathy and how to recognize if one is engaging in one or the other 
  2. Understand the direct relationship between financial empathy and building trust in a financial planner/client role.  
  3. Create actionable steps to not only act in but to promote a more financially empathetic financial services industry and workplace environment.

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