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Anxious and Stressed: Helping Clients to Manage Emotion and Behavior

Learn techniques to manage money-related anxiety and stress exhibited by clients and when it is appropriate to make a referral.
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Kristy Archuleta

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You’ve heard others speak about their research. Now you can hear from the experts themselves. In this presentation, Drs. Kristy Archuleta and John Grable will discuss how a client’s anxiety and stress about money can weaken the client-financial planner relationship. You will also learn techniques to better manage money-related anxiety and stress exhibited by clients as a way to move clients toward plan implementation. You will learn when it may be appropriate to make a professional referral. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Distinguish between anxiety and stress and why these concepts matter in the financial planning process. 
  2. Learn tools and techniques to help clients work through challenges associated with money-related anxiety and stress as a way to help them meet their financial planning goals.
  3. Determine when to utilize models of collaboration to benefit clients and financial planning outcomes.

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