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Creating a healthier & wealthier life as part of our marriage and money series

We’re here with Erika Wasserman, founder and CEO of Your Financial Therapist. Erika is a Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I which is a certification that is not held by many people. A financial therapist helps people improve their personal financial lives. Different than just a traditional financial advisor, Financial Therapists work with their clients on the emotional side of money. Erika is a uniquely empathetic voice in the personal finance wilderness. And today we are going to talk specifically about how couples can better communicate with each other about their financial past, attitudes, behaviors, and goals. Erika, welcome back to The Yukon Project.

Here’s a breakdown of the video

00:00 – Introducing Erika Wasserman and her mission of creating financial success for couples.

00:53 – Why do couples have a hard time talking about finances?

02:54 – Will talking about money always lead to conflict?

03:46 – How to intercept conflict before it turns into a fight?

05:12 – “Run it like you would a business meeting”

06:23 – “Wow people” and “How people”

07:11 – Conversation cards: to help deepen financial conversations

08:47 – Uncovering your money values

09:44 – Discovering your financial emotional triggers

11:30 – See where your anxiety is showing up in your body

13:42 – Start small

14:33 – Where you can get the financial conversation cards

What’s holding your marriage back from financial success?

Financial wellness is not a “one-and-done” effort. Financial success in a marriage is from steady progress and work over time. 

If we are not ready to make significant changes in our lives, we should ask ourselves, “what’s holding me back?” Literally, make a list of the reasons that we don’t think we are ready to make meaningful change. Then, identify each item on the list as a “true” or “false.” 

Too often we fill the stories in our minds with things that are not true. If it’s not true, we should throw it out. If it is true, that is what we can start working on. Making improvements in our money mindset is possible and it can make a meaningful difference in our financial outcomes.

How to learn more about Erika Wasserman?

You can learn more about Erika Wasserman here:


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